Before we start we classify screeds and the type of adhesive agent used according to production process and the construction work.

Depending on the production process we offer the following screeds:

  • Construction site screed (also screed in conventional construction)
  • Floating screed
  • Dry screed

Depending on the type of adhesive agent we offer the following screeds:

  • Cement screed
  • Hard-aggregate screed
  • Lightweight screed
  • Calcium sulfate screed
  • Calcium sulfate floating screed
  • Resin screed

Depending on the construction work we offer the following screeds:

  • Bonded screed
  • Screed on separation layer
  • Screed on insulation layer
  • Heating screed

Moreover, we offer the following coatings and designer floors:

  • Fair-faced screed
  • Coating
  • Designer floors with resin coating

Of course we happily accept requests for services not listed as well as other customer enquiries in person or by telephone.

Our Services

  • cement screed
  • floating screed
  • lightweight screed
  • Resin screed
  • Coating
  • Designer floors


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